About Por Vida Academy Charter District

One of the original charter districts in the state of Texas, Por Vida means "for life" and defines our commitment to our students—to educate students and provide them with knowledge, self-respect, and skills that will be with them for life.


Charter schools were designed to offer parents and students an alternative to traditional public schools to meet varying social and educational needs. We work very hard at the Por Vida Academy district to provide you with an excellent alternative.

Why Por Vida Academy at Corpus Christi?

Here are the top 5 reasons why Por Vida Academy at Corpus Christi is providing an outstanding alternative educational experience to public schools for students:

1. Our school provides an array of academic, social, and emotional supports to meet each student's needs. Our campus is small, and we are able to provide students with the individualized support they need to be successful.

2. We have effective and compassionate teachers and school leaders who are committed and dedicated to the success of every student.  The majority of our staff has been with our district over ten years, and they are invested and committed to our students’ success.

3. Our educators ensure that every student is individually known and given an educational experience where they can thrive.  Your child will not be treated like a “number”.  Instead, we strive to make sure each student feels valued.

4. Our teachers and school leaders are given the latest research-based supports they need to be the very best in meeting students' needs.  Our staff participates in weekly professional development to continually work on the skills needed to help our students achieve at their highest level.

5. When our students graduate, they leave prepared with the resources they need to be successful in career and life.  We partner with students and their families to make sure students have a plan and a direction to pursue when graduating high school. 

Por Vida Academy at Corpus Christi is able to provide students with an educational experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Corpus Christi.  If you are wondering whether PVACC is right for you, contact our school today!